Have a question?

If I want to invest, who do I contact?

For more information on investing and to find out if you qualify to join the fund, contact Belco Private Capital Inc. by reaching Elijah Minler at elijah@belcopc.com or at 416-583-5804.

What is the minimum investment?

The targeted minimum investment for the fund is $5,000 for qualified investors.

Contact Elijah Milner at Belco Private Capital Inc. via email at elijah@belcopc.com or call him at 416-583-5804 to find out if you qualify.

Is there a lot of paperwork? Can you help me with that?

In order to be compliant with regulations, all financial transactions have some paperwork. Belco Private Capital Inc. to help you with this process.

Are there any investment restrictions?

This type of investment product is designed for mid-to-long term investing. These investments are not suitable for trading activities. Therefore if you require short-term liquidity, this investment vehicle may not fit your needs.

While short-term redemptions are discouraged, if short-term liquidity is required due to unforeseen circumstances, certain fees and restrictions may apply.

If you have any questions, call us.

How does Nest get access to investing opportunities?

Nest Capital MIC and its manager, Nest Capital Mortgage Administrator Inc., uses a network of relationships with trusted and experienced practitioners to find and fund opportunities.

This trusted expertise includes mortgage brokers, underwriters, lawyers, and property appraisers.

How does Nest evaluate new loans?

  • When we receive a file from a trusted Mortgage broker or agent, we evaluate the paperwork and appraisal. (We do not accept any files with paperwork deficiencies).
  • Once we have examined the paperwork, it is reviewed by our underwriting committee to determine suitability, funding requirements and questions for follow up.
  • The file is then sent to our legal advisor to obtain a full legal evaluation.
  • If everything checks out, Nest Capital MIC confirms and provides funding via our lawyer’s trust account.
  • The law firm completes registration and sends electronic and original copies of documentation.

What are the risks?

All investments come with some level risk. At Nest, we manage these risks through the use of trusted advisors, a defined set of investment criteria and strict adherence to our investment process.

Risks may include:

Changes in the economy
Changes in the real estate market

Are you regulated?

Yes. Nest Capital is regulated through the following:

The Income Tax Act section 130.1
The Financial Services Regulatory Authority
Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, c. 29

The Nest Capital Mortgage Administrator license #12901 is governed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario.