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What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)?

A Mortgage Investment Corporation is a provincially registered and licensed mortgage investment and lending company, that enables investing in a secured pool of mortgages. A Mortgage Investment Corporation provides its investors with interest payments that can be paid out monthly, quarterly or annually.

Why Nest Capital?

  • We have more than 13 years of real estate investing experience, including being landlords and investing in residential mortgages.
  • Nest Capital has been able to provide higher returns than traditional investment options. Since inception, Nest has provided 10% annual returns for our investors, paid monthly.
  • Nest Capital principals are invested in the company and have skin in the game. We invest alongside you in a pool of carefully vetted mortgages.

What is the process of investing with Nest Capital?

  • We will connect you to our registered exempt market dealer.
  • A Suitability Assessment will be done with an exempt market dealer.
  • Nest will guide you on how to move the funds to invest.
  • Investor statements are sent out on the 15th of each month

Through which accounts can I invest?

  • Prospective investors can invest individually or through their business.
  • We accept cash investments and registered plans investments such as TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF, and more.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment for the fund is $1,000 for qualified investors.

If I want to invest, who do I contact?

  • To invest in Nest Capital MIC, an investor must purchase through a registered dealer:

Why invest in mortgages?

  • As many people know, Canada has had tremendous growth in real estate, and in particular Ontario. As of 2017, Ontario has a $132-billion mortgage brokerage market and private lenders account for around eight percent, or $10.6 billion, of the total dollar value of all mortgages by brokerages.
  • Due to increased government regulations on lending guidelines for traditional lenders like banks and trust companies, this has created a need for private funds.

What is the difference between Private Lending and investing in a Mortgage Investment Corporation?

Check out the link to our article here to learn more about the differences between investing in an individual mortgage versus investing in a pool of mortgages!

How does Nest evaluate new loans?

  • When we receive a file from a mortgage broker or agent, we evaluate the paperwork and appraisal. (We do not accept any files with paperwork deficiencies).
  • Once we have examined the paperwork, it is reviewed by our underwriting committee to determine suitability, funding requirements and questions for follow-up.
  • The file is then sent to our lawyer to obtain a full legal evaluation.
  • Once approved, Nest Capital MIC confirms and provides funding via our lawyer’s trust account.
  • The law firm completes registration and sends electronic and original copies of documentation.

How does Nest get access to investing opportunities?

  • Nest Capital MIC and its manager, Nest Capital Mortgage Administrator Inc., uses a network of relationships with trusted and experienced mortgage brokers to find and fund opportunities.
  • The trusted expertise also includes underwriters, lawyers, auditors, and property appraisers.

How does Nest find mortgages to fund?

  • Nest originates all of its mortgage applications through licensed mortgage agents and brokers across Ontario
  • Please note that we are open to developing new relationships with mortgage brokers and agents
  • New mortgage applications may be sent via Filogix and Lendesk

How will income be received for tax purposes?

  • Although we are not tax accountants and we recommend that you contact your tax professional, we have answered this simply below
  • Returns are treated as interest income. Investors looking to invest via a cash account will receive a T5 statement of investment income.
  • Many investors also invest in a tax-free manner, such as TFSAs. You can also invest via RRSPs, RRIFs and other methods.

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