Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation’s objective is to obtain a secure stream of income for investors by optimizing its investment portfolio within the Mortgage Investment Corporation criteria mandated by the Income Tax Act.

Our investment strategy is to invest in a portfolio of residential mortgages in market segments which are under-serviced by large financial institutions. Nest originates all of its mortgage applications through licensed mortgage agents and brokers.


This investment will target an annual return to Unitholders of 10.00% (pre-tax, net of fees and expenses). Distributions are scheduled to be paid monthly. Historical return has been 10% annually since inception.


  • Each investor receives preferred shares of Nest Capital MIC.
  • Funds invested are spread across the entire pool of mortgages.
  • Nest Capital distributes monthly interest of mortgage income to investors.
  • Monthly interest can be reinvested with a dividend reinvestment plan.


*Monthly distributions are targeted at 10%
**DRIP – Dividend Re-Investment Plan


historical annual returns since inception in 2017


Offering Amount$50,000,000
Minimum Investment:$1,000
Average Investment:$87,500
Targeted Annual Return:10.00%
Dividend Re-Investment Program (DRIP):Yes
Investment Type:The Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation is a pool of carefully selected mortgages in Ontario.
Residential Mortgages Allocation:1st Mortgages: 3.6%
2nd Mortgages: 96.4%
Average Mortgage Size: $94,500
Average Loan-To-Value:76.5%
Redemption Fees:5% in Year 1
1% in Year 2
0 in Year 2+
Asset Security:The fund is spread over multiple lower dollar value mortgages versus large mortgages. It is not invested in commercial or development mortgages.
Registered Plans Eligibility:Invest via all types of registered accounts, including TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, RRIF, LIF and more.


“Nest Capital is well run and keeps investors up to date on their investments. Payments are always on time and questions are always answered quickly.”

Nest Investor Since ’18
From Stouffville

“The returns I’ve made on my Nest Capital investment since 2018 have been reliable and significant. I’ve consistently made 10% per annum and have diversified my investment portfolio in a meaningful way.”

Nest Investor Since ’18
From Toronto

“I invested with Nest back in 2017 and additionally each year. Since then I’ve made 10% on my money each year. This has had a huge impact on me financially.”

Nest Investor Since ’17
From Ottawa

How to Invest in Nest Capital

Nest Capital focuses exclusively on residential mortgages across Ontario.

1. Contact Nest

Contact Nest via email or book a call with us to get started.

2. Connect

We will connect you to one of our registered dealers.

3. Suitability Assessment

Our registered dealers assist investors with the suitability assessment and qualification.

4. Invest

Investing in TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, etc? Nest will help you move the funds to do so.


To purchase shares of Nest Capital MIC an investor must purchase through our registered dealers:

  1. TokenFunder – Alan Wunsche or 647-964 9268 
  2. Belco Private Capital Inc. – Jonathon Botrie or 416-583-5802
  3. Fundscraper Capital Inc. – Terence Cheng or 647-205-7484

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