Do you remember 2008? We do too.

In that year many of our plans seemed to be vanishing before our eyes. Interest rates fell to historic lows, and everything seemed to be falling apart.

Traditional assets went on a rollercoaster ride and not the fun kind as I’m sure you remember. Like many, we were left wondering if there was a way to diversify and make the kind of returns that we have come to expect from more conservative investments.

Because you know those bank products our financial advisors are always selling us, don’t always get it done.

We started asking ourselves: was there a way to use credit products to earn a reasonable return with an acceptable risk profile? The kind with less volatility. Something that we could use to diversify?

Our research indicated that there was a credit investment product called Mortgage Investment Corporation that the government legislated into the Income Tax Act. These entities were created to help people gain access to financial resources that would otherwise be excluded by regulation and large financial institutions. These borrowers have special circumstances, and many of them have the means and ability to service a loan. They also have residential real estate holdings to back them.

By sticking exclusively to residential real estate in good communities across Ontario, we have been able to provide valuable liquidity to borrowers while earning a desirable return.

So we started investing in private mortgages. Then eventually members of our family joined us, followed by friends when we started Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation.

As opportunities continue to open up, we are building relationships with new investors while providing a valuable source of liquidity to top quality borrowers.

Are you are looking for a way to diversify?

Find out if you qualify to join us.

Roger Allinson

CEO and Co-Founder

Roger Allinson is the CEO and co-founder of Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation. He is also a seasoned private investor, landlord and a senior sales management professional with 27 years of expert knowledge in telecom.

He was motivated to start Nest Capital with his son Chris as a result of the volatility in the market and the need for some control in their respective portfolios.

Through extensive research with Chris, he discovered that MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation) investing can provide excellent risk-adjusted returns for both cash and registered accounts. It allows investors to participate indirectly in real estate investing through a financial product rather than ownership of the physical asset.

He is personally invested in the fund and invests alongside family, friends and outside investors in the pursuit of less volatile and more predictable returns.

Chris Allinson

COO and Co-Founder

Chris Allinson is the COO and co-founder of Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation.

He is a financial professional with a well-rounded skill set. He has demonstrated expertise in sales, operations, business development, market research and account management.

He has worked closely with Roger to develop their investment approach and co-founding Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation. Chris is also personally invested in the fund alongside friends, family and outside investors.

Chris graduated with Honours in Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University.