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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the answers below to frequently asked questions. 
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What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)?

  • A Mortgage Investment Corporation, managed by a Mortgage Administrator, is a provincially registered and licensed mortgage investment and lending company, that enables investing in a pool of mortgages. A Mortgage Investment Corporation provides its investors with interest distributions that are paid out.

Why Nest Capital?

  • โ€‹We have more than 24 years of combined real estate investing experience, as landlords and investing in residential mortgages.

  • Nest Capital principals are invested in the company and have skin in the game. We invest alongside you in a pool of carefully vetted mortgages.

What is the process of investing with Nest Capital?

  • We will connect you to our registered exempt market dealer.

  • A suitability assessment will be done with an exempt market dealer.

  • The exempt market dealer will provide investment next step and funding instructions.

Can I invest using TFSAs, RRSPs or other ways?

  • Prospective investors can invest individually or through their business.

  • We accept cash investments and registered plans investments such as TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, LIF, and RESP.

What is the minimum investment?

  • The minimum investment for the fund is $10,000 for qualified investors. The average investor has invested closer to $100,000.

If I want to invest, who do I contact?

What is the difference between Private Lending and investing in a Mortgage Investment Corporation?

How does Nest evaluate new loans?

  • When we receive a file from a mortgage broker or agent, we evaluate the paperwork and appraisal. We do not accept any files with paperwork deficiencies.

  • Once we have examined the paperwork, it is reviewed by our underwriting committee to determine suitability, funding requirements and questions for follow up.

  • The file is then sent to one of our real estate lawyers to obtain a full legal evaluation.

  • Once approved, Nest Capital MIC confirms and provides funding via our lawyer’s trust account.

  • The law firm completes registration and sends electronic and original copies of documentation.

How can I submit a mortgage file to Nest?

  • Nest originates all of its mortgage applications through licensed mortgage agents and brokers across Ontario

  • Submit your mortgage file via Filogix, Velocity, or Lendesk 

      Lender Type: Private 

      Lender: Nest Capital MIC

  • Please note that we are open to developing new relationships with mortgage brokers and agents

  • Feel free to call us at anytime to discuss a new file

How will income be received for tax purposes?

  • Although we are not tax accountants and we recommend that you contact your tax professional, we have answered this simply below

  • Returns are treated as interest income. Investors looking to invest via a cash account will receive a T5 statement of investment income.

  • Many investors also invest in a tax-free manner, such as TFSAs. You can also invest via RRSPs, RRIFs and other methods.

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