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The Full Story

Who We Are

It was April 2017, and father and son, Roger and Chris Allinson were looking for a way to diversify an investor’s portfolio from conservative investment opportunities and earn positive returns from an acceptable risk.

Suburb Houses

We started asking ourselves: was there a way to earn a reasonable return with an acceptable risk profile?

Like many Canadians, our investing journey started by a strong feeling of being dissatisfied with traditional investments. The investments often felt that they were doing very little and sometimes defied logic. This feeling led us to seek ways to get relatively stable returns. This led us to buying single family residential real estate in 2008 and renting the properties out. After over a decade of doing this, we began to get tired of repairs, dealing with costly renovations when renters moved, supplementing the costs and the time and effort of being hands on active managers of real estate. It was great but involved a lot of time and effort.

We were always interested in other avenues of real estate investment and we began to lend our own family funds on individual mortgages (private lending). We lent our money over a four-year period across 65 mortgages and learned a great deal about lending.

Many of our friends and relatives noticed that we were doing quite well at it and asked us how they could do that. From there, we established Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation in 2017. It has been a great journey. Now at the end of 2023, we have over $35 million in the fund, 378 investors and 140+ mortgages.

Our investors have enjoyed returns also via their TFSAs and RRSPs too. They like the easy to understand investment concept. . 


Meet the Team


Roger Allinson

CEO and Co-Founder

I am the CEO and co-founder of Nest Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation. I am also a seasoned private investor, landlord and a senior sales management professional.

I was motivated to start Nest Capital with my son, Chris as a result of the volatility in the market and the need for some control in their respective portfolios.

Through extensive research with Chris we discovered that Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) investing can provide excellent risk-adjusted returns for both cash and registered accounts. This allows investors to participate indirectly in real estate investing through a financial product, rather than ownership of the physical asset.

I am also personally invested in the fund!

Are you are looking to invest?

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